• These one-piece roll formed support beams are manufactured in varying lengths and gauges for differing load capacities and structures. Normally, these beams are continuously welded and come in lengths spanning from 96” to 192”. Depending upon your particular storage challenges, beams are manufactured in a lower capacity shallow profile of 2.5” up to the most sturdy 6” high profile for the longest beam lengths and heaviest loads.
  • The step design allows use of standard wire decking or even lumber to create the needed shelving space. Everything we sell or manufacture at Henry Street Steel is subject to tight specifications and exacting tolerance to assure our customers of long-term performance and durability.
  • The use of heavy-duty compression fasteners will ensure that rack and beam structures stay put. Beams can feature teardrop pattern connectors, gravity pins or metal safety clips – so, let us know if there are particular uprights you are trying to use in your project.
  • With over 80,000 pallet rack beams in stock and on stand-by, our experts can help determine which configurations are best for your unique warehouse or handling situation. We have access to Teardrop, Shaved Pin, New Style and many additional types of beams and we typically ship all completed orders within 48 hours.

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